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Steve Fritz - Artist / Writer / Producer / Author

Steve Fritz received his first guitar at ten, and soon was performing. Won his first talent contest in the eighth grade, receiving standing ovations and request for encores.

In 1972 he formed Perpetual Motion, a talented trio. The group moved to the east coast, and enjoyed quick success, opening for bands like Peter Frampton and Charlie Daniels.

In 1974, Evansville again became home base, and the trio kicked-off its return by entertaining a packed house at the coliseum.

By 1976, the group Perpetual Motion had grown to six. The most noteworthy triumph was headlining the largest all-day musical extravaganza ever---as part of Evansville’s Freedom Festival: Fifty thousand people, and countless encores.

In 1981, when big music America co-sponsored a regional talent search, Steve’s solo took second place out of 110 entries. The solo was included in the album Home Cookin’. (A year later he got first place with his second solo track, “I Wanna Know”).

In 1983, Steve formed a new band which became simply the Fritz Band. In the year of ’83, Fritz opened the Electric Cowboy Pop Festival as the Electric Cowboy Band, sponsored by Miller Brewing and WKDF-FM. The Fritz/ Electric Cowboy Band opened the third day for 15,000 people.

In 1985, he built a 16-track recording studio, and soon won several regional and state Addys (advertising Oscars). The studio gave Steve the time to write and record many songs. With a catalogue of 300 plus songs and themes, he is a strong contender.

In 1990, he formed KINGS EDGE, a trio. Performing their new 9 song album in and around the Tri-State area of Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. The Band played on.

In 1994, Steve needed to replace some of his band mates. At that time he continued the rock music theme, but under the Banner of Black Jack 21.

By 1999, he and his band split for a verity of reasons and Steve built a new Studio to continue the development process of the music. The music plays on.

In 2007, Steve has built his third studio and continues to write and record.

In and between band projects I was writing and recording light jazz, pop, and other styles, even country rock and easy listening. But now I would like to take this time by thanking all the band members and players that performed on the many tracks that you will be able to enjoy by downloading or just listening. Spread the music.

2008... I now have a new production studio where I have just completed my latest project called "Back to Front". You can listen to a few select tracks on this site.

I've been blessed to be doing this for a long time and I'm looking forward sharing the MUSIC via Host Baby.

Friboy - Artist / Writer / Producer

Been on the job for a tear are two, give me you're thoughts a blog a review.


Steve Fritz / Friboy - FRITZ

I've been doing this Music for a while and it's a passion, hope you can Share The Music.

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